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You can use this FAQ / Help section to help you manage your EasyJobScript website.
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Can coupon or discount codes be used?

Certainly! You can add as many coupon, promotion, discount codes into EasyJobScript easily. When you put these codes you will also be asked for the percentage of discount you are going to put there.

You can also set the expire date of each codes to automatically disable them after a certain period of time. The admin panel also provides the statistic of usage of each codes to tell you which marketing system works for you.

To manage your coupon codes, please go to :
Admin Panel > Lookup > General > Discount Code.

Then you can add, edit or delete your coupon codes there.

Can EasyJobScript be customized?

You can easily customize the look of EasyJobScript simply by edit the template files within the /templates directory. These templates are basically html files with some smarty codes there. So there will be less problem when you edit them. You can change the CSS, layout, or the theme of EasyJobScript very easily there. Just make sure you have some HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge for this. We suggest that you use HTML editor to edit the html template files.

Try to download some of the template files to see how it can be modified before you buy.

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Can EasyJobScript handles multiple users / employers / jobseekers / advertisers ?

YES! EasyJobScript is designed to allow employers to register and submit their job listings online. Each employers can have unlimited job listings, and each listing can have unlimited pictures / photos, documents, videos and questionaires based on the package they choose.

EasyJobScript also allow multiple (unlimited) jobseekers to register and create their resumes online, and each resume can have unlimited photos, videos, work history, academic history, etc ...

So you can have unlimited employers, jobseekers and also unlimited advertisers.

Can employers manage their own job listings?

Yes! Your employers will need to login to their account employer panel to manage their job listings. They can also edit their own profile, manage photos for each job listings, documents for each listings, video tours for each listings and also add pre screening questions for interested candidates before they can apply the job.

Can I convert the urls into SEO friendly urls?

Yes, you can activate this option simply by editing your setting.php file in admin folder.

And set it as :

$status_url_rewrite = "yes";

Can I create unlimited company types, company size, academic degree and other look up data?

Certainly! You can add as many look up items as you want into EasyJobScript without limits. Please check our demo websites so you can see how you can add unlimited look up data into EasyJobScript easily. Look Up data includes company size, company type, business / industry, job functions / categories, skills, religions, races, gender and much more.

Please go to our demo website version and go to the admin panel > lookup.

Can I offer a free package to employer members?

YES! You can offer your employers to add a listing for FREE. Basically we have prepared 3 packages for you to use, such as Free, Silver, and Gold packages. You can freely change the package details and even edit them to be all paid packages or even edit them to have 2 Free packages. You can also choose how many photos, days before expiration, enable google maps, or the ability to renew each package can provide.

You can also create a discunt code which will give 100% discount with time expiry by going to the
admin panel > lookup > discount code.

Can I send email to all employers, jobseekers and advertisers at once?

Absolutely! You can keep contact with your employers, jobseekers and advertiser to let them know if you have a new promotion for your

job board website. Please notice that you will need to have the mass mailer addon to send mass email to these people.

To send to all advertisers, you should go to Admin panel > Advertisers > Send Email.

To send to all employers, you should go to Admin panel > Employers > Send Email.

To send to all jobseekers, you should go to Admin panel > Jobseekers > Send Email.

Can I translate EasyJobScript to other languages?

Yes, you can easily translate EasyJobScript into other language by editing the phrases in using our translation tool.

To access the translation tool, please go to the Admin panel > website setup > languages

Then please click the "Edit Translations" link there, then you can start translating the languages.

However, EasyJobScript default language is English and thus
the warranty will only work for English too.

Can I use Google Maps for my website?

YES! You can use Google Map with EasyJobScript.

Please check the demonstration websites for mode sample about Google Maps in real action.

Can I use my own logo as watermark?

Yes, you can use your own logo or other picture as the watermark. To do this, you will need to create a transparent png file containing your logo. Then you can upload it to the website.

If you choose enlarged as the photo proportion and then create a bordered png in the same dimension, then you can change your photo layout to be rounded photos.

Please see the attachment ...

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Can jobseekers add a job listing into their favourite page?

Certainly! Your jobseeker can add a job listing to their favourite listings page for further review in the future. When they browse the listings, they will find a link "Favourite". If they have not logged in, then they will be asked to login.

Once their login is successfull, the listing will automatically be added to their Favourite Job Listings page.

Do you offer Installation Help?


For every purchase of EasyJobScript licenses, customer will get a FREE One Time Installation service. You just need to provide us with FTP information, MySQL information and also URL information so our team can install it for you quickly.

How many languages can EasyJobScript support?

EasyJobScript supports up to 10 languages, however, you should check the versions of EasyJobScript.

For example, the EasyJobScript US version can only have 1 language. However, the Spanish version of EasyJobScript can support 2 languages.

How to integrate my new EasyJobScript Website with Google Maps?

To use Google Maps, you will need to first register your domain name to Google. You will need to register, then put your domain name (exact url) and then you will obtain a key. You will need to copy the key and paste it to the website properties in your admin panel.

Example :
if you install the software to, then you must put the domain name as when you register with google.

Then copy the Google Map API key you got, and paste it in the
Admin panel > Website Setup >Website Properties

What payment options can I use with EasyJobScript?

EasyJobScript supports 3 payment methods : Cash On Delivery, 2CheckOut or Paypal. The currency that you will use in EasyJobScript should be adjusted to the supported currency of the payment system you choose.

Example :
you choose paypal for payment method, and so you will need to choose the currency payment to the ones that paypal supports.

Notice :
If you are using currencies other than US Dollar, then you cannot use 2checkout. This is because 2checkout only supports US Dollars when it come to the payment page.